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5 Piece Smasher Glow Lures (Glow In Dark)

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Each lure in the "Smasher" Glow Kit is specifically designed to give you the versatility and diversity that you'll need to make sure you succeed in high-pressure lakes and rivers.

Best of all, after being exposed to sunlight and/or a flashlight these lures will glow which makes them up to 10 times more visible to bass.

Most standard lures without glow will look the same color - grey - when you get down several feet underwater, making them impossible for bass to spot.

The Smasher Glow Lures add flash, contrast, and increased color to the lures.

This makes them stand out in their surroundings and allows for easy locating, tracking, and attacking by predator fish.

This simple fact makes all the difference in highly pressured lakes and will ensure that you get up to 10 times as many strikes as with regular lures.

  • Includes 5 lures: a crankbait, minnow, VIB, popper, and pencil
  • Length ranging from 3-3.2"
  • Weight ranging from 0.3-0.7 OZ
  • Each lure comes equipped with 2 sticky sharp treble hooks
  • Hand-painted for extra realism
  • Glows after exposure to sunlight and/or flashlight

Category: Hard Baits

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